Thank you *high five!*

Made it into the Wattys 2018 Longlist

Image 3

I can’t believe it! THE CRICKET’S LOVE SONG is on the Wattys 2018 longlist. There were 151,767 entries this year and this story made it to the top 784 in the longlist. Even without getting into the shortlist or winning, this in itself will be a memorable achievement in my writing journey.

Screenshot_2018-09-01-06-32-29(2)If you haven’t checked this story out, please do. This young cricket will definitely appreciate your company in his wild journey of finding true love.

That’s all folks. Thank you all so so much and see you next time. God bless you all.



Author: Haunting Angel

[Fiction Writer] Armed with a background in performing arts, I aim to entertain or maybe inspire you with my love for storytelling. No matter who you are or what age you are, these are stories that you can laugh, cry, and have a good time with. Come on and join in the fun!

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