Christmas: For Less and More

A small Christmas message


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Christmas: For Less and More (Full Poem)

2018: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Water lilies in a pond

Filled with sweet perfume

Throw in a penny, make a wish

And see if it would bloom


If it doesn’t,

Throw in a few more

And see what it would do

Would it open on a cloudy day,

Unfold its petals for you?


Sell your car,

Go to the market,

And buy yourself a friend

Can you guarantee he’ll be with you

‘Til the very end?


How about peace?

Would sleeping pills

And a little codeine do?

An army for your nightmares

‘Til the sky is bright and blue?


Many a problem in the world

Does money seem to sort,

But once in awhile, we stop to ponder

Why it’s fallen short

Of our demands and expectations

On those unfortunate days

When with it, in desperation

We still can’t get our way


On this Christmas,

Let us pause; let us appreciate

Love, joy, peace, and friendships,

They don’t depreciate


And do this if we can,

Every day, make our days worthwhile

So if we get to heaven,

Our treasure would be stocked up in a pile

Just A Little Update

Hi everyone,

I know I’ve been rather quiet for awhile. This was because my laptop broke and am borrowing someone’s computer for very limited time each day to work on what I do. Also, these offline period has gotten me more inspired to go into a slightly different direction with my stories. So thank you all for your patience. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year until I come back.

Yours truly,


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