Valentine’s Day Story Collection 2019

Happy Valentine’s Season 2019

Hello readers and friends,

Thank you for sticking around here with me. Here’s a small bundle of two romantic stories that are set to satisfy the romantic in you.


  1. First up is THE CRICKET’S LOVE SONG: A story about a cricket who gets lost only to find true love away from his home. Inspired by the chirping of crickets at a dark lonely bus stop, this short story will warm your heart even on the coldest of nights.
    Available on Wattpad: THE CRICKET’S LOVE SONG.20180410_153507_Quote_Image
  2. Up next is a vignette short story I wrote for a Romance Wattpad contest, THE NIGHT THAT BEGAN FOREVER: The day when James swept Sue off her feet and out on the perfect date to somewhere absolutely romantic.
    Available on Wattpad: THE NIGHT THAT BEGAN FOREVER.

That’s it, guys. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY, EVERYONE! Wishing you all the love in the world.


Haunting Angel


A Red Celebration

Happy Lunar New Year 2019 🙂


The time has come,
Joy and prosperity,
Red veils over our doors
Red for happiness,
Red for luck,
Red lanterns out on the porch.

Blessings from married relatives
To whom we say, “Thank you.”
Red packets for you and I,
And here’s an orange or two for you.

A tour of visits to our families
And friends whom we love so dear,
Whom we only meet sometimes
Once or twice a year.

So have a prawn,
Have a fish,
Dumplings and
Vegetables too

Raise your cup,
Here’s a toast
“Happy new year”
From me to you

Going Home

A poem for Chinese New Year 2019

Going Home (Part 1)
Chinese New Year 2019: Going Home (Part 1), a poem by Haunting Angel

While birds fly back to their nests,
Men flock back to their hometowns,
Taking their wives and children along
From sun up ’til sun down

Crossing over seas and bridges
To get to grandma’s place
Just in time for a steamboat dinner
And a smile on grandpa’s face

Abalone, prosperity,
Dumplings like gold and silver;
Prawns for laughter
Fishes for more,
Coversations that never bore.

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