A gibberish poem by glassEyed

I am made of gibberish

Gibberish cells

Gibberish tissues

Gibberish particles

Gibberish ideas

Gibberish tastes;

It began with me breathing in gibberish,

The way one drinks in reality –

Hesitantly, hesitantly,


Now I have been named gibberish names

Clothed in gibberish drapes

I speak a gibberish tongue

Draw gibberish on my palms.

See they say to leave you gotta get lost

So I got lost in gibberish the way one gets lost in reality –

Willingly, willingly,


Marooned in a world of symmetry,

Of rhyme and parabolas, of directions and rulers

Gibberish became my raft to reach nowhere land –

Which does not exist but exists in its non-existence

The way gibberish exists in my existence,

(Seeping through all the pores of my being)

But somehow the world says is non-existent.


Credits: ‘Marooned by glassEyed is an entry for the 3rd Annual Biggest Competition Ever – 2018  © glassEyed 2018. All Rights Reserved. Published on with glassEyed’s blessing and permission. | “Gibberish” is a derivative work made of images under CC0 Public domain. They are free for commercial use with no attribution required.



Claire Jones: Ranked!

And A Brief Introduction to Krampus


Hi everyone, another one of my stories have been ranked on Wattpad. Claire Jones is #14 in the Krampus genre and I couldn’t have done it without you. So thank you, thank you all.  🙂

I think that Wattpad had just recently allowed ranking even in the smaller genres/categories and I’m glad that they did. Personally, I am not too hung up on ranks but I have to admit that it does make the Wattpad game more fun and possibly more encouraging for new writers.

Truth is, I haven’t updated Claire Jones in a long while and my first episode for Claire Jones involved Krampus. If you’re not familiar with Krampus, he’s this guy:

Greetings from Krampus
A 1900s greeting card reading ‘Greetings from Krampus!’

A popular half-goat, half-demon among the folks of Eastern Europe. He comes around the Christmas season to punish misbehaving children and is sometimes depicted as a companion of Saint Nicholas.

In the Claire Jones episode Christmas Troubles, he is rumoured to punish those who ended up on Santa’s Naughty List on the night of Christmas. When Claire realizes that there were no presents from Liefheid (Santa’s brother) under the tree for her, she assumes that she’s ended up on the Naughty list and has to literally face her demon.

If you’d like to check out the rest of the episode, here’s a link to it:

Meanwhile hold on, sit tight, and enjoy. There’s a happy ending to this madness. I promise. 😉 Thank you all once again and have a nice day! 🙂






Starlit Echoes

A poem by my fellow March 2018 – Wordplay Contest winner, Leontine Willow

There both of us were,
In the cold of the night
Dancing to the melody
Of fallen stars’ light.

All was deep silence
Lit by the coin moon
And we were there twirling
To an unforeseen tune.

The echo of last year
Now took us by hand,
When I fell in the water
And you led me to land.

My face had bloomed rose
In the aftermath.
But now we’re on a journey,
On a winding, traveling path.

Credits: ‘Starlit Echoes‘ © 2018  Leontine Willow. All Rights Reserved.
Published by Haunting Angel on with Leontine Willow’s blessing and permission.

Via March 2018 – Wordplay Contest Results 🙂

A Special Feature: Hans Christian Andersen

A writer whose stories have inspired generations

Today in 1805, a wonderful author named Hans Christian Andersen was born.

For many people (perhaps, even yourself), his well-known stories such as The Ugly DucklingThe Brave Tin Soldier, and The Little Mermaid continue to be favourites long after his passing in 1875.

His stories appeal well to many especially children and as we mature into adults, some of them grow more resonant with meaning.

Personally being a child who was often restricted from playing outside, his stories were always great company indoors. Fast forward to 2018, his spirit and stories now inspire me to write. In fact, his style of story-telling inspired my recent short story ‘The Cricket’s Love Song‘.

In honour of his 213th birthday, here’s a link for those of us who’d like to revisit his stories.

Hans Christian Andersen Stories

Have a great day and God bless. 🙂

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