Claire Jones


“If there’s anything worse than uncertainty, it’s ending up on Santa’s Naughty list. Unfortunately, I have to deal with at least one of them today.

The uncertainty that is high school.”

— Christmas Troubles (Chapter 1), Claire Jones

Enter the world of Claire Jones, where she occasionally runs into bizarre adversaries in her school and around her neighbourhood, Kaki Hantu. A world where every class is a crisis and every day is a social struggle. To top it all off, she has to deal with Jack, her annoying little brother and her parents who don’t always understand but mean well. Can Claire live with it all? Follow Claire and her two best friends in their story of love, life, friendship, and adventure.

This is an experimental work of mixed/multiple genres in one story and it is episodic in nature. Hopefully, you’ll be able to find something that you’ll like as the story progresses. 🙂

Published on Wattpad as a continuous series since May 21st 2016:

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