Christmas: For Less and More

A small Christmas message


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Christmas: For Less and More (Full Poem)

2018: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Water lilies in a pond

Filled with sweet perfume

Throw in a penny, make a wish

And see if it would bloom


If it doesn’t,

Throw in a few more

And see what it would do

Would it open on a cloudy day,

Unfold its petals for you?


Sell your car,

Go to the market,

And buy yourself a friend

Can you guarantee he’ll be with you

‘Til the very end?


How about peace?

Would sleeping pills

And a little codeine do?

An army for your nightmares

‘Til the sky is bright and blue?


Many a problem in the world

Does money seem to sort,

But once in awhile, we stop to ponder

Why it’s fallen short

Of our demands and expectations

On those unfortunate days

When with it, in desperation

We still can’t get our way


On this Christmas,

Let us pause; let us appreciate

Love, joy, peace, and friendships,

They don’t depreciate


And do this if we can,

Every day, make our days worthwhile

So if we get to heaven,

Our treasure would be stocked up in a pile

Touches of Heaven

Spread the love, Plant the seed

Telephone calls from old friends – Smiling faces on both ends

Oh yes, the memories were great – A kiss on my very first date

Umbrella in a storm to dread – In a stranger’s hand over my head

Choir of angels, Christmas day – Chicken soup, no need to pay

Hands to lift when you are down – Hot cocoa, love all around

Expect nothing in return – Love’s not something that you earn

Sleepy heads on overtime – Here’s a blanket for the meantime


Out of the darkness, into the light – Soup for an orphan, a kiss goodnight

Frozen grapes in the summer heat – Food when you don’t deserve to eat


Hyacinths and marigolds – Bless those lovely hearts of gold

Everywhere they walk, they go – Each one an unsung hero

A gift with no strings attached – God’s grace can’t be outmatched

Very precious, priceless indeed – When we help each other in need

Encourage someone, do a good deed – Spread the love, plant the seed

New springs bloom for a tomorrow – For a time with much less sorrow


“Touches of Heaven” was the winning poem for week 5 round (acrostic poem) of the 3rd Annual Biggest Conpetition Ever — 2018.

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A Special Feature: Hans Christian Andersen

A writer whose stories have inspired generations

Today in 1805, a wonderful author named Hans Christian Andersen was born.

For many people (perhaps, even yourself), his well-known stories such as The Ugly DucklingThe Brave Tin Soldier, and The Little Mermaid continue to be favourites long after his passing in 1875.

His stories appeal well to many especially children and as we mature into adults, some of them grow more resonant with meaning.

Personally being a child who was often restricted from playing outside, his stories were always great company indoors. Fast forward to 2018, his spirit and stories now inspire me to write. In fact, his style of story-telling inspired my recent short story ‘The Cricket’s Love Song‘.

In honour of his 213th birthday, here’s a link for those of us who’d like to revisit his stories.

Hans Christian Andersen Stories

Have a great day and God bless. 🙂

Hope From The Grave

The Lord has risen. Happy Easter 2018 🙂

At the Sabbath’s end,
In the early dawn
A great earthquake shook
In the early morn

Down, an angel came
Rolled the stone away
The tomb which once sealed
Now empty for display

The tomb keepers trembled,
Fell down like dead men,
Who knows if they ever
Got up again

The angel spoke clear
“Fear not,” he said
“Christ whom you seek
Has risen from the dead”

Photo credit: “Easter Morning 07” by Waiting For The Word used under CC BY


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