Walking under moonlight

A moonlit poem by reet72


I take a walk on the garden path,
a beautiful moonlit night.
The day’s troubles all forgotten,
a walk makes everything right.

Birds rest in their nests,
tired after day long journey.
In a honeycomb on a treetop,
the bees stop making honey.

Cold fragrant breeze slowly blows,
and water ripples in the lily pond.
I breathe the air smelling of roses,
and see the swaying marigolds.

The moon dances in the pond,
Wow! What a beautiful sight!
Silence of night broken by
the echo of bright moonlight.


Credits: ‘Walking under moonlight’ from reet72’s collection, ‘Whispers of the heart‘ © reet72 2018. All Rights Reserved. Published on www.hauntingangel.com with reet72’s blessing and permission. | All images in this post are used under CC0 Public domain. They are free for commercial use with no attribution required.


Hi everyone,

I’d just like to tell you that I will be away this week and will return soon with great content for all to enjoy. In the mean time, I do hope you enjoyed this beautiful poem above by my friend, reet72.

Sorry for the inconvenience, thank you all for your continuous support, and have a great day. God bless.

Yours truly,


Pappa’s Love

A poem by Amalia Abbar – Happy father’s day 2018 🙂

twinkling eyes,
dimpled smile,
he is wise,
with a style.

he’s my king,
(I, the crown),
loves to sing,
not to frown.

Pappa’s love,
is the best,
like a glove,
warms with zest.

Credits: ‘Pappa’s Love‘ © AmaliaAbbar 2018. All Rights Reserved.
Published on www.hauntingangel.com with Amalia Abbar’s permission and blessing.

Happy Father’s Day to all you fathers out there. 🙂

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